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First step of any new registration under UK REACH is to submit an Article 26 inquiry. There are two more szenarios where you should submit an Article 26 inquiry to HSE:

- You have completed the DUIN and would like to start with the data sharing process.

- DUIN is not possible since you do not fulfill prerequisites.

After the inquiry you will receive your inquiry number and become part of a substance group - a group of potential co-registrants of the same substance (formerly known as SIEF under EU REACH). This will enable you to engage in the data sharing process for a successful registration within the applicable timeframe. Questions? Click here or contact us!

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LAUS will be visiting Chemspec in Franfurt on May 31 and June 1. We offer GLP testing for regulatory purposes as e.g. for the registration of your chemicals under REACH, for CLP/GHS and much more.

This will be a good opportunity to meet and to discuss upcoming projects which require testing/experimental endpoints.

If you are interessted, please, contact us for an appointment. We are looking forward to meeting you in Frankfurt!

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On May 19, 2022, the “Firmenlauf Südpfalz” finally took place as a live event after two virtual runs.

3,012 participants from 164 companies completed the 5 km course and were happy about their sporting successes or simply about the community experience, which had not been possible for so long. LAUS had 9 participants running. Congratulations to everyone!

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LAUS will be exhibiting at CHEMUK2022 EXPO at NEC, Birmingham, UK, 11th & 12th May. Come and meet us on stand J62!

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The use of NAMs (New Approach Methodology / non-animal alternative methods) is requested for the safety assessment of cosmetic ingredients and cosmetic products wherever possible. For eye/skin and mutagenicity evaluation LAUS offers the following ECVAM validated methods:

  • Eye irritation, OECD 492 (EpiOcular)
  • Skin irritation, OECD 439 (RHE-Test)
  • Mutagenicity, OECD 471 (Ames test)



LAUS testing ABC:

V for Vapour Pressure

LAUS is the leading GLP lab for the determination of the Vapour Pressure using the Effusion Method (Knudsen Cell) according to OECD 104 / EU A.4. We are able to measure vapour pressures as low as 10E-12 Pa.

This method is based on the estimation of the mass of test substance flowing out per unit of time of a Knudsen cell under ultra-vacuum conditions. The mass of effused vapour is then being obtained by weighing the cell. Data are being collected between 30 – 150 °C, values for 20 and 25 °C are being calculated.

By operating two custom produced measuring apparatuses in parallel we have very high capacities and minimum delays. With more than 20 years of experience, we offer our advice even for difficult substances.

The Vapour Pressure is a key physico-chemical parameter for the assessment of a substance. It provides an indication of the evaporation rate and relates to the tendency of particles to escape from the liquid or solid phase. A substance with a high vapor pressure at room temperature is considered as volatile.

Contact us for more information.

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With this beautiful view of the spring landscape in front of our lab building we would like to wish you some relaxing days over Easter!


According to its “Progress in evaluation 2021” report ECHA performed 300 full compliance checks (CCHs) and 227 testing proposal examinations (TPEs) and issued 467 draft decisions: 280 on the abovementioned compliance checks and  187 on testing proposal examinations. That means 93% of dossiers require additional information.

Number of requests in 278 compliance check decisions:

  • Mutagenicity/Genotoxicity 260
  • Long-term aquatic toxicity 344
  • Physico-chemical properties 60

Number of requests in 165 testing proposal decisions 79/41/8

  • Mutagenicity/Genotoxicity 79
  • Long-term aquatic toxicity 41
  • Physico-chemical properties 8

LAUS has a great team with particular expertise in these areas and a lot of experience with difficult substances. If you are concerned and need additional data, don’t hesitate to contact us.


LAUS stands with all who are suffering as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

In an effort to provide for the smallest and most vulnerable in this humanitarian catastrophe we send baby food to Ukraine. Thank you to Frank Hüsken for taking action and offering transport of donations in kind.


We want to ensure a sustainable junior staff development.

LAUS is certified by IHK (Industrie- und Handelskammer) to provide dual vocational training in cooperation with vocational schools.

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After a challenging time with supply bottlenecks and special working schedules to reduce the risk of infection we can now offer very attractive timelines for in vitro skin and eye studies.

  • OECD 492 eye irritation
  • OECD 437 eye corrosion
  • OECD 431/435 skin corrosion
  • OECD 439 skin irritation
  • OECD 442 C, D, E skin sensitization

Contact us for more information.

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It is important to us to support an active lifestyle. That's why we sponsor fencing, here at the DFB qualification tournament on January 29th in Mainz. In times of a pandemic, these opportunities are very valuable, certainly considering all necessary protective measures.


Let us proof that your product is readily biodegradable!

The heart of Ready Biodegradability testing according to OECD 301F (Manometric Respirometry) is the OxiTop®- multi-parameter measuring device. It allows us to monitor the BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) during the study as a parameter for biodegradation.

LAUS has once more increased their capacities for Ready Biodegradability testing and invested in 50 new Oxi-Tops due to high demand.

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Our company cars are all emission-free and supplied by our own energy source, the solar panels on the lab’s roof. We are proud to have reached the zero-emission goal for our fleet.

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LAUS has added a cold room for the storage of test items and thus increased storage capacities by 20 m3. We are looking forward to receiving new orders and many more test items in 2022😉

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