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Among our newest equipment is a brand-new BBQ. Find out what else!

To the delight of our staff the latest addition to our technical equipment is a brand-new BBQ (on top of a GC-MS/MS and another LC-MS/MS, of course). Whereas the BBQ is for internal use only (and has been inaugurated already), the GC-MS/MS (Triple Quadrupole) and LC-MS/MS (Triple Quadrupole) are ready to use and waiting for new analytical challenges. If you have any analytical work on difficult substances to do, contact us to discuss our possibilities.

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We use Human Blood for Genotoxicity Testing acc. to OECD 487

The Micronucleus Assay is an in vitro study to evaluate the mutagenicity/genotoxicity induced by chemical substances:

OECD 487 In Vitro Mammalian Cell Micronucleus Test

  • detection of micronuclei in the cytoplasm of interphase cells
  • test system: human lymphocytes freshly obtained by venipuncture

We have increased our capacities and can offer good timelines!

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We believe that technology and sustainability go hand in hand

Our new LC-MS/MS (Waters Xevo TQ Absolute Triple Quadrupole) guarantees accurate results while reducing environmental impact. The system's reduced energy consumption and use of resources (synthetic air) make it a good choice for labs looking to minimize their carbon footprint. Paired with our highly qualified study directors this makes us a strong partner for your analytical work under GLP. #analyses #LCMSMS

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Specific testing for Biocidal Spray Products

For Biocidal Spray Products we offer specific analyses in addition to the standard requirements for biocides:

  • spray pattern
  • internal pressure of spray cans
  • discharge rate
  • clogging

The tests could be integrated into stability studies such as shelf life, accelerated or cold storage.

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Biodegradability: very good timelines!

At the moment LAUS can offer very good timelines for Biodegradability testing. Based on our extensive experience in this area we have streamlined our processes and increased our capacities. Contact us today!

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LAUS testing ABC: M for “Moly” and “Micronucleus”

The Mouse Lymphoma Assay acc. to OECD 490 (short “Moly”) and the Micronucleus Assay acc. to OECD 487 are both in vitro studies to evaluate the mutagenicity/genotoxicity induced by chemical substances.

OECD 490: In Vitro Mammalian Cell Gene Mutation Tests Using the Thymidine Kinase Gene

  • detection of gene mutations
  • test system: mouse lymphocytes (L5178Y TK+/- clone (3.7.2C))

OECD 487: In Vitro Mammalian Cell Micronucleus Test

  • detection of micronuclei in the cytoplasm of interphase cells
  • test system: human lymphocytes freshly obtained by venipuncture

We have increased our capacities and can offer good timelines!

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We Welcome Our New Team Members

We are more than happy to announce that we were able to fill 7 open positions with highly qualified personnel, both from intern and extern:

  • study directors in vitro toxicology (2)
  • study director ecotoxicology
  • technician analytical chemistry
  • technicians physico-chemistry (2)
  • technicians in vitro toxicology (2)
  • internship/master’s thesis ecotoxicology

They will strengthen our team starting in the first months of 2023. Welcome everyone!

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OECD 497: Defined Approaches (DAs) on Skin Sensitisation

OECD 497 provides Defined Approaches (DAs) for Skin Sensitisation assessment. It allows the Hazard Potential Identification (skin sensitiser / non-sensitiser) and GHS Classification into Potency subcategories 1A and 1B (H317) without animal tests.

Multiple information sources are taken into consideration to come to a conclusion:

In chemico test data (OECD 442C DPRA)

In vitro study data (OECD 442D KeratinoSens, OECD 442E h-CLAT)

In silico predictions (QSAR, DEREK Nexus)


Contact us for more information!

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Health and Happyness for 2023!

An Automated External Defibrillator(AED) can save lives and it is much easier to use than you would expect. Since this is a matter close to our heart, in the context of the biannual safety check we had a briefing and demonstration of LAUS’ AED. Not only First Aiders could participate, but everyone interested was welcome to see how easy it could be operated. Luckily we yet have not had a situation where we needed it, but this training will hopefully encourage people to act where needed.

We hope you had a good start into the New Year and in this context we wish you Health and Happiness for 2023!

#LAUSgroup #AED #HappyNewYear

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Viscosity of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids

For the determination of the viscosity of liquids acc. to OECD 114 we now have two options:

- falling sphere viscometer (acc. to Höppler) in a range between 0,6 – 70.000 mPa*s and

- rotational viscometer in a range between 3 – 1.000.000 mPa*s

This allows us to test Newtonian as well as Non-Newtonian fluids regarding dynamic viscosity and calculate the kinematic viscosity.

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New requirements for corrosion to metals testing on biocides

TAB APCP ver 3.0 states that testing on corrosion to metals shall follow the UN Test C.1 AND it must be guaranteed that the content of the active substance throughout the test is kept stable, thus the composition should be checked/analysed throughout the test or at least at the end of the test.

If you are affected, contact us to discuss an individual strategy for testing your biocidal product.

Technical Agreements for Biocides

Analytical Methods, PhysicoChemical Properties and Physical Hazards (APCP)

Version 3.0, September 2022

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