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ECHA draft decisions

According to its “Progress in evaluation 2021” report ECHA performed 300 full compliance checks (CCHs) and 227 testing proposal examinations (TPEs) and issued 467 draft decisions: 280 on the abovementioned compliance checks and  187 on testing proposal examinations. That means 93% of dossiers require additional information.

Number of requests in 278 compliance check decisions:

  • Mutagenicity/Genotoxicity 260
  • Long-term aquatic toxicity 344
  • Physico-chemical properties 60

Number of requests in 165 testing proposal decisions 79/41/8

  • Mutagenicity/Genotoxicity 79
  • Long-term aquatic toxicity 41
  • Physico-chemical properties 8

LAUS has a great team with particular expertise in these areas and a lot of experience with difficult substances. If you are concerned and need additional data, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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