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V for Vapour Pressure

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V for Vapour Pressure

LAUS is the leading GLP lab for the determination of the Vapour Pressure using the Effusion Method (Knudsen Cell) according to OECD 104 / EU A.4. We are able to measure vapour pressures as low as 10E-12 Pa.

This method is based on the estimation of the mass of test substance flowing out per unit of time of a Knudsen cell under ultra-vacuum conditions. The mass of effused vapour is then being obtained by weighing the cell. Data are being collected between 30 – 150 °C, values for 20 and 25 °C are being calculated.

By operating two custom produced measuring apparatuses in parallel we have very high capacities and minimum delays. With more than 20 years of experience, we offer our advice even for difficult substances.

The Vapour Pressure is a key physico-chemical parameter for the assessment of a substance. It provides an indication of the evaporation rate and relates to the tendency of particles to escape from the liquid or solid phase. A substance with a high vapor pressure at room temperature is considered as volatile.

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