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Environmental Fate

Environmental Fate studies determine the fate, transformation and metabolism of chemical substances in the environmental compartments water and soil as well as the potential for accumulation in organisms (bioaccumulation).

Environmental Fate

OECD 106

Adsorption/Desorption using a Batch Equilibrium Method

OECD 111

Hydrolysis as a Function of pH

OECD 121

Estimation of the Adsorption Coefficient (Koc ) on Soil and on Sewage Sludge using High
Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)


Bioaccumulation Potential (logPOW)

OECD 117

Partition Coefficient (n-octanol/water): HPLC Method

OECD 107

Partition Coefficient (n-octanol/water): Shake Flask Method

OECD 123

Partition Coefficient (n-octanol/water): Slow-Stirring Method


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