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Particle Size Distribution 0.3 nm – 3,500 µm

With Laser Diffraction and Dynamic Light Scattering techniques LAUS is now able to perform measurements

  • from 0.3 nm to 3,500 µm particle size
  • in wet dispersion (0.3 nm - 850 µm)
  • in dry dispersion (100 nm - 3500 µm)
  • for solids, suspensions and aerosols

We work according to current guidance

  • OECD 110
  • ISO 22412 Particle size analysis — Dynamic light scattering (DLS)
  • ISO 13320:2020 Particle size analysis - Laser diffraction methods
  • Many ASTM and U.S. Pharmacopeia methods

Testing is offered with and without GLP and could be used for R&D as well as for regulatory purposes.

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