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124 days until the new Medical Device Regulation

Which economic operator are you?

Have you checked your responsibilities?

Economic operators by definition:

  • Manufacturer or Manufacturer of Systems and procedure packs acc. Art. 22


Any natural / legal person established in the EU


  • Authorized representative:
    • By receiving a written mandate from the manufacturer
    • Who accepted the written mandate and is willing to fulfil their assigned and contractually defined tasks in the area of MDR
  • Importer:
    • Who is placing a product from a third country on the EU market


  • Distributor:
    • who provides MD products on the EU market
    • Except in defined cases: manufacturer / Importer



“Chapter I, Art 2, Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of European Parliament and Council from 05.04.2017 regarding MD”


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