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EN ISO 14852:2018

Determination of the ultimate aerobic biodegradability of plastic materials in an aqueous medium - Method by analysis of evolved carbon dioxide

The method is based on the measurement of the biodegradation of organic substances in an aqueous medium by aerobic microorganisms. The organic substances are, with the exception of inoculum contents, the only source of carbon for the microorganisms. The carbon dioxide emitted by the organisms during degradation is measured.

- Test duration: The performance of the study runs for 6 months but can be terminated earlier if a plateau phase or 60% degradation is reached.

- Prerequisite: The average particle size of the test item must not exceed 250 µm (e. g. microplastics).


The method is suitable for the following substances:

- Natural and/or synthetic polymers, copolymers or mixtures

- Plastics containing additives such as plasticizers, dyes or other compounds

- Water soluble polymers

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