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LAUS on tour...

Our experts are visiting analytica 2024 in Munich to learn about the latest trends and technologies in analytical chemistry in order to constantly improve our services.

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LAUS on tour...

Martin Schaaf, member of the LAUS Business Development Team, is currently at the Helsinki Chemicals Forum (HCF) 2024. This is a great opportunity to discuss the newest developments in chemicals regulation and to network with international authorities, politicians, industry leaders, NGOs, academics, journalists and specialists in chemical safety management.
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H 318, H319 or “no category” Classification for Eye Hazard. One test for all!

OECD 492B allows the identification “not requiring classification” (No Cat), “requiring classification for eye irritation” (Cat 2) and “requiring classification for serious eye damage” (Cat 1) according to GHS in one study.

That means the new SkinEthic™ Human Corneal Epithelium (HCE) Time-to-Toxicity (TTT) test covers both endpoints (eye irritation and corrosion) which formerly only could be evaluated by a combination of BCOP (OECD 437) and EpiOcular (OECD 492) test.

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In vitro Exposure Assessment of Nanomaterials via Food/Feed (EFSA)

LAUS could support you with studies simulating physiological conditions in the gastrointestinal tract required by EFSA for exposure assessment of nanomaterials via food/feed . A short simulation of mouth conditions, followed by a gastric phase at pH 3 for 2 h and an intestinal phase at pH 7 for 2 h in a static set-up helps to evaluate the degradation rate in food/feed matrix or GI fluids. It provides information for the “risk assessment of the application of nanoscience and nanotechnologies in the food and feed chain” (EFSA Journal 2018;16(7):5327).

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NEW Study: SkinEthic™ HCE TTT acc. OECD 492B

The new SkinEthic™ Human Corneal Epithelium (HCE) Time-to-Toxicity (TTT) test acc. to OECD 492B covers both endpoints, eye irritation and corrosion, which formerly only could be evaluated by a combination of BCOP (OECD 437) and EpiOcular (OECD 492) test.

This in vitro procedure allows the identification of “not requiring classification” (No Cat), “eye irritation classification” (Cat 2) and “serious eye damage classification” (Cat 1) according to GHS ocular hazard categories.

It is applicable to substances and mixtures, to solids, liquids, semi-solids and waxes.

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Congrès Détergence: 27th & 28th March 2024

We will be represented at “Congrès Détergence: 27th & 28th March 2024, Maison de la Mécanique, Paris”. Come and meet our representative @Hugo Giardini at our Kakemono or make an appointment to talk to him.

Nous serons représentés au « Congrès Détergence », organisé les 27 et 28 Mars prochains, à la Maison de la Mécanique à Paris. Venez et rencontrez notre représentant Hugo Giardini à notre kakémono ou prenez rendez-vous avec lui.

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Increased Capacities for In vitro Studies / NAMs

We offer a wide variety of NAMs (Non Animal Alternatives) / in vitro studies to address the following endpoints:

  • Genotoxicity/mutagenicity ((Ames, Mouse Lymphoma Assay…)
  • Eye Irritation / Corrosion
  • Skin Irritation / Corrosion / Sensitization

Contact us, we have increased capacities!

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LAUS at nano tech 2024 in Tokyo

There is the unique chance of a personal meeting with your GLP lab at Nano tech 2024: 31.1.-2.2 in Tokyo, Big Sight. Dietmar Kuhn will be representing LAUS at the German Pavilion, Hall 4,5, Booth 5L-03.

LAUS is a GLP lab specialized in testing for regulatory purposes, with emphasis on REACH/GHS and comprehensive experience with nanomaterials.

You could register as a visitor at the link below

or we could also schedule an appointment ahead of time:

More information about nanotech 2024 and German Pavilion:

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Crédit Impôt Recherche

We are delighted to announce that the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research has decided to grant LAUS GmbH approval for the Crédit Impôt Recherche (CIR) until 2025.
The CIR allows companies to benefit from partial reimbursement of research and development expenditure.

Nous sommes ravis d'annoncer que le Ministère français de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche a décidé d'accorder à LAUS GmbH l'approbation pour le Crédit Impôt Recherche jusqu'en 2025.
Le Crédit Impôt Recherche offre aux entreprises la possibilité de recevoir un remboursement partiel des coûts engagés pour leurs activités de recherche et développement.

#LAUSgroup #CIR #CréditImpôtRecherche

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Die Stefan-Morsch-Stiftung hat es sich zum Ziel gemacht, Blutkrebspatienten und deren Angehörigen zur Seite zu stehen. Sie führen nicht nur eine Stammzellspenderdatei und suchen nach passenden Stammzellspendern, sondern helfen bei der Vermittlung von Kliniken, beraten Patienten und  vergibt im Notfall die sogar finanzielle Hilfen. Die gemeinnützige Stiftung fördert Forschungsvorhaben und den Aufbau von Transplantationskliniken.

Einer unserer Mitarbeiter, Leo Engel, hat sich als Spender registrieren lassen und kürzlich seine Stammzellen gespendet. Dieses außergewöhnliche Engagement von Leo und die großartige Arbeit der Stiftung möchten wir unterstützen, indem wir die Kosten für den Verdienstausfall bei dieser Aktion spenden.

Wir sollten alle ernsthaft darüber nachdenken, uns registrieren zu lassen.

The Stefan Morsch Foundation is supporting blood cancer patients and their relatives. They not only keep a stem cell donor file and search for suitable stem cell donors, but also help to find clinics, advise patients and even provide financial help in an emergency. The non-profit foundation supports research projects and the development of transplant clinics.

One of our employees, Leo Engel, registered as a donor and recently donated his stem cells. We would like to support Leo's extraordinary commitment and the foundation's great work by donating the costs of the loss of earnings during this procedure.

We should all seriously consider registering.

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Nano tech 2024 in Tokyo

LAUS will be exhibiting at this year's nano tech in Tokyo. Come and see us from 31.1.-2.2 at the German Pavillion, Tokyo Big Sight, Hall 4,5, Booth 5L-03.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Peace & Health for the New Year 2024!

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New GC-QQQ and GC-FID Analytics

LAUS always strives to apply the latest technology. Our Agilent 7000E triple quadrupole GC/MS (GC-QQQ) or alternatively GC-FID opens new dimensions with regard to limit of detection and limit of quantification (LOD and LOQ) for certain substances. And our study director is looking forward to new challenges😊

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Christmas Party

The Conrad-von-Wendt-Haus in Dahn offers persons with disabilities a variety of housing and support options as well as a daily structure in a day care center. This year’s Christmas party was made possible by a generous donation of LAUS. #LAUSgroup #christmas

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